Functional Ceramics
Ceramic Art


I'm so glad you've taken home a piece from Mudbug! Handmade ceramics sometimes needs a little extra love in comparison to contemporary or manufactured pottery. Following these instructions will help prolong the life of your new piece!

Care instructions for handmade ceramics 

  • While you can use a dishwasher for this work, dishwashing detergent may dull the surface over multiple uses. Handwashing is recommended. 
  • All work from Mudbug is microwave safe, unless otherwise specified at time of purchase. 
  • All bakeware and casserole type pieces are ovensafe. 
  • Handmade ceramics cannot withstand thermal shock. You should not place hot liquid or food into a cold piece of ceramics (refridgerated or placed in freezer). 

Durability of ceramics and damaged work 

  • While handmade ceramics is very durable, it can be damaged if dropped or knocked around in a cabinet or on a counter. 
  • Impact flaws may not be noticeable at first glance. Impact damage can develop into a full crack or break with use over time.
  • I cannot replace or refund wares damaged from impact or use. 
  • Pieces purchased more than 14 days prior will not be considered for replacement or refund. 

Conditions of use 

  • Mudbug Creations bears and accepts no injury or damage that may result from improper use of Mudbug Creations ceramics.
  • Mudbug Creations is not able to replace or refund any piece that has been modified or repaired by others. 
  • Mudbug Creations is not able to replace or refund any piece that has undergone abuse or misuse.