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Mari Moore-Mosby: Mudbug Creations 


Mari Moore-Mosby, hailing from Springfield, merges her ceramics passion with a physical therapy career, channeling both into Mudbug Creations. With 16 years of wheel throwing experience, she specializes in crafting functional, brightly colored pottery. Her unique style blends whimsy and ergonomics, aiming to make each piece a joyful, daily companion. Mari's artistic journey started in high school, and she later pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Drury University and Missouri State. Despite a full-time job as a physical therapist, her love for clay remains undiminished. Her creations are marked by constant experimentation and a dedication to learning new techniques. Whether it's a perfectly fitting mug or a smile-inducing piece, Mari's goal is to infuse practicality with artistry. Mudbug Creations is where her dual passions converge, bringing together the worlds of art and science, function and delight, in each vibrant creation she shares with the world.

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